Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Retirement Communities Join Internet Revolution

For a long time, Retirement Communities have not seen the potential of "owning" their own internet-based communication/phone/internet/surveillance system in their own communities. Now, more and more communities are understanding how to mesh all of these services at a reduced cost to residents. The key is offering more services and more efficient options to community residents and their families at a reduced cost?

How do you do this? I am working with a new firm, RETIREconnect, that is offering an array of new services that allow communities to provide better and less expensive services while adding power to internal and external community communications. In addition, the community can offer an array of new services for the family to "stay in touch", as well as in some cases monitor the health of the resident.

Want to know more? Email me or call (888)742-7362 for more information.

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